Marina Maywood in Thewheeler Crazy Hitchhiker girl April 06, 2007 Hardcore, Brunette

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Man I inform you tha fucking craziest shit happens to me. When I´m not searching to get pussy, it just comes to me personally. So I was driving to work another day, and I truly neede to have a piss, but that I was very much from work and I was on the highway. So like any man I pull on the side of the path to have a piss. I park my car, start walking down the grass into a mountainous place when out of nowhere this crazy ass girl just shows me up saying “thank you, thank you for pulling around to offer me a ride”. I look at her like shes crazy, and inform her really I´m here to take a piss, and I start walking off. She kept on walking next to me, telling me she desperately wanted a ride. She just wouldn´t quit bothering. Eventually I told her let me take a piss first, she was just like no. I told her when she held my dick I’d offer her a ride. She grabs my prick, so that I change it if you suck on my dick that I´ll definitely provide you a ride. She got down on her knees and started slobbering all over my penis. It was fine, all wet like that. This girl had a fairly amazing body too, I told her to take off her clothes so that I could examine her. Her tits were tight and full, no bra needed, they had been pretty perfect. Her bum was pretty fine too. I bent her across the shrub and we started fucking so hard that the branches were breaking. She wished to lay down on the grass, I fucked her like that also. Then when I was going to come she put her leg up on the tree like a tiny fighter and asked me to fuck her a bit more. I had a really amamzing time fucking similar to this on the side of the street. After we finished that I asked her for her number, but she didn´t want to give me. So as I get in the vehicle, she awakens a bit, and I took this opportunity to drive off and leave behind. It was fucking classic man!

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