Adriana Chechik in Girlsway Fantasy Factory 2: Squirting Therapist March 23, 2017 Blonde, Older Younger

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It´s another busy day in the Girlsway Fantasy Factory for Tech Serena Blair.

Following the model deviated from custom programming she checks for code in Alexis Fawx. In the scene, the android was designed to replace ´mommy´ talk with mom ´ that was ´ however there was a glitch. After running a few tests, Serena is confused her diagnostics come back clean. She orders a full reset to avoid another error. Following that undertaking, Serena interviews manhood Morgan Cain (Cadence Lux) to install her forthcoming spectacle. Morgan gushes about how much she loves the scenarios that are squirting. She decides version Adriana Checkik, but has trouble picking another squirter. Morgan needs her to be fit, blond with huge tits, so Serena suggests a couple of alternatives, scrolling. When Morgan singles out Alexis Fawx, Serena is reluctant given the recent technical glitch, and warns Morgan that model doesn´t squirt. No problems a squirter herself. She actually wishes to taste Adriana´s squirt, also for them both to squirt Alexis´ mouth. Morgan wants the Girlsway VR encounter, therefore for the lead into the sex, she chooses her story’s details. Adriana and the part of her longtime girlfriend will perform with. Alexis´ personality will be a sex therapist, she’ll seduce the couple. Since Morgan hates whenever the versions give this up too quick apps lots of immunity in Adriana be stuck in the middle. She picks the quintessential Girlsway bedroom placing, together with leather furniture and the background. Morgan is ready to start her scene! Morgan and Adriana prepare for their session with therapist Dr. Alexis Fawx who arrives at their door looking like a cherry stone in an emerald satin blouse and also a pencil skirt. On running the session at the area where her customers make 15, the therapist claims. Probed by the therapist Adriana complains that Morgan likes to have sex in the bed. When all Morgan wants to chat about is squirting, Dr. Fawx becomes exceptionally supportive, and enchanting. Adriana conveys her disgust for squirting. She squirts but it makes her uneasy. Dr. Fawx admits the subject of squirt gets her salivate, also Adriana calls out her lack of professionalism. However, Morgan insists they should give her a opportunity. Dr. Fawx coaxes Adriana to recount something romantic she enjoys about Morgan. Adriana timidly admits when her asshole is licked by Morgan she enjoys, but she worries Morgan believes it´s disgusting. She is reassured by Morgan she adores it. Dr. Fawx acknowledges that Morgan is much more comfortable inside her sexuality. Morgan enjoys Adriana´s unique capacity. They should try to embrace their differences. The couple agree, building a breakthrough in treatment, and Dr. Fawx tells them to seal the exact minute with a kiss. Adriana is reluctant to kiss facing Dr. Fawx, but Morgan discusses her into it, provided that Dr. Fawx knows they´re at a relationship. Adriana resists, although Morgan ups the ante, announcing she would like to lick her girlfriend. She won´t go any farther with Dr. Fawx in the room. However, Dr. Fawx challenges her to rise above the limitations taught to her by her conditioning. Adriana wants to be liberated, but warns Dr. Fawx no touching. Adriana has trouble, although the few undress and start making out nude. Probably since she´s dressed and then they´re nude. Dr. Fawx gets naked too, exposing her massive round tits, also Adriana´s fine with this, so long as she stays on her side of your mattress. Adriana freaks out when Dr. Fawx begins clocking before this lesbians! But with a small intellectualizing, it prompts another breakthrough. Fully liberated, her eyes light up and she and Dr. Fawx kisse! Morgan is now thrilled! She licks her girlfriend´s pussy until she squirts in her face! Dr. Fawx helps Morgan rub more squirt out of Adriana. Shaking her asss Morgan juices in her face, mouth. Wild-eyed Adriana cums hard when Dr. Fawx blows another bucket of squirt from her pussy. The girlfriends return to Alexis at the same moment with the threesome surpassing Morgan ´ s expectations. They split into different settings, with Alexis writhing over Morgan´s mouth, along with Adriana tribbing her girlfriend. Alexis tribs Adriana, Morgan that is exciting . She compels until the milling makes Adriana jet juice the lesbians ´ pussies together. Because the squirters rub their pussies and rain their juices all over the therapist, then squirting directly into Alexis ´ open mouth, Morgan gets her dream desire. Suddenly, something goes awry. The android MILF divides into mother talk and begins rubbing against the women pussies in a new crossover fantasy that is strange. Morgan goes along with this, loving how Alexis dominates them . Kinked out she cums riding Adriana´s face. Mommy Alexis sticks on her fist into her roleplay girl. Adriana rims her ass and Morgan licks on her grab making her toes curl in the throes of another orgasm. The feminine androids up on Morgan, making her cum with a tongue on her clit! Will technician Serena manage to correct this glitch? Click to find out!

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